I’m educated as a media designer and communication designer. My activities are designing and manufacturing mainly digital, but printed products as well. I like systems with rules and liberties. I like it when things arise by itself. I like it when things work.

I’m interested in the potential of two contrary things working together. I’m interested in the potential of participating collaboration. I’m interested in possibilities of technology and the individual traces therein. I’m interested in the personality of the digital user.

Best I develop interactive systems one can play with. Preferably I’m working on quick and easy projects with interesting results.

I believe the answer is always easy. I believe it’s beautiful if it’s correct.




Curriculum Vitae

born in Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany

2004 – 2007
Highschool graduation with a focus on Design- and Mediatechnology

2007 – 2009
Trainee as a Media Designer Digital and Print
(Department of Design and New Media, Frankfurt am Main)

since 2009
Freelance work

2010 – 2016
(University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt)

2013 / 2014
Internship and freelance work
(Moniker, Amsterdam)



px: Design by Pixelgarten.
rh: Design by Ravena Hengst.
wr: In collaboration with Ravena Hengst.
wf: In collaboration with Felix Dietz.
di: Design by DIESE Studio.
md: mit DIESE Studio.
st: Design by Studio Tonique.
ma: Design and production by Marcus Alasovic.
mo: Together with Moniker.
tr: Design by Tom Richter.
an: Design by Anker.
te: Design by Teo Schifferli.
ts: Design by Marc Asekhame and Teo Schifferli.
bs: Design by Bureau Sandra Doeller and Ravena Hengst.
sd: Design by Bureau Sandra Doeller.
fe: Design by Feel.
jh: Design by Jonas Huhn.
fw: Code by Fabian Wohlfart.
ac: Design by Fabian Wohlfart. Code in collaboration with Fabian Wohlfart.
me: Design by Marietta Eugster.
of: Design by OFF.
wy: Design by Whybrand.
cr: In collaboration with Crck
es: Design by Bureau Est